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Jamaicanish Pie with Mango Kitchen

13 Jan

This afternoon I made another pie on tour! Well, not so much a tour. Just one. But it was delicious. A good pie for a sunny winter afternoon.1535601_275041242646356_1550947822_n

I went to the home of Ginny, founder of the new blog Mango Kitchen, which features inventive and modern kosher recipes. I went in with two options: either make another Lee’s Pie (the perennial favorite) or do a kitchen sweep pie. What’s a kitchen sweep pie? It’s where I sweep the kitchen for all available ingredients and build a pie out of it.  I was directed towards the sweet potatoes, the red pepper, and the immense selection of spices from the Dekalb Farmers Market. I had an idea. Everything changed a little as I was introduced to more ingredients, but here’s the final list:

The veg
Half a sweet potato, parboiled
Red pepper, chunked
Red onion, chunked
1 clove of garlic smashed and diced and 1 clove sliced thin
Half a can of mashed pumpkin

The spice
The two key spices here are oregano and Jamaican pepper (aka allspice). Use these liberally.
A splash of cayenne and paprika.
A quarter can of coconut milk
Of course, s+p.

Ginny set a beautiful table

Ginny set a beautiful table

The method
Sautee the onion. When it’s well on its way, add in the smashed garlic. When both are done, mix in the pumpkin and season. Are there good smells? Add the sweet potato and red pepper and continue to season. At this point it should be very spicy! Do you know how to reduce that? Yup, it’s just a wee bit of coconut milk.

Cover with pie crust and bake until golden.

We even made decorative dough balls

We even made decorative dough balls


Pumpkin Season

19 Oct

It’s fall, and that means pumpkin season! Trader Joe’s falls in love with pumpkins, and Serious Eater Erin tried to eat all of them. The excellent blog The Awl chronicled all the pumpkin items featured in the advertisement.

The SE article was accompanied by this adorable chart (by Roboppy!):

Courtesy Serious Eats/Robyn Lee.

Another article by Kathy YL Chan reviews a delicious-looking pumpkin custard at Cha-an in New York, which sadly I will never get to eat as I have no plans to be in NY this fall.

And, lest you think I devote my life to just reposting SE:

I am now ordering weekly veg boxes from Riverford Organic; last week I ordered a squash box as well, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Apparently if kept well, they last all winter.

I also had a birthday pie night this week, with a  Lee’s Pie and a Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. I tried to make a gluten-free crust for the Lee’s Pie, but I don’t think I added enough water; it turned into a crumble. No worries! Still tasty!

Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin

25 Nov

This is the most ridiculously adorable thing ever.

eeeeeee! Original here, by Brooklynsupper.

It’s a pumpkin pie baked into its own miniature pumpkin. I wish I had more time before Sudan, otherwise I’d totally make this. And imagine other ones… you could bake things inside gourds! You could mix and match squashes! However, it might be a bit difficult to eat, as I fear the crust would separate from the skin upon slicing.