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Mark Bittman hates pies

10 Sep

After reading the NYT Magazine today and doing some follow-up research, I have discovered that Mark Bittman, noted food blogger, hates pies. This article, titled “Bye, Bye American Pie”, has the tagline “You could just bake fruit in a crust. Or you could let the season’s bounty really shine.” This is a intensification of his minimalist pie, the recipe for which was given in 2009’s “Another Way to Elude the Pie Crust” . That recipe, which I used at TPS at one point, was actually delicious. I don’t agree that a pie without a bottom is a minimalist pie, but just a much easier way to make one. I mean, your pie is going to spill all over the place when you serve it whether it has a bottom or not, so why bother? Unless it’s a mini pie, it’s a big messy affair.

Moving back in time to 2008, Bittman’s How to Cook Everything featured this recipe for flaky pie crust, which he states is “flavorful-delicious in its own right, no matter what the filling”; he follows it with recipes for blueberry pie and pecan pie. Now he has moved away from crusts towards interiors. Read in fearmongering journalist voice: Does this signal the end of the pie’s spot in the sun?

I’m not convinced. Although my excavation and thesis-writing have kept me away from pie blogging, they seem to be as popular as ever, at least in London. Pieminster, the market pie chain, now produces pies in boxes for sale at Waitrose. All the flavors one can enjoy at their restaurant locations and market stalls can be enjoyed in the home after only 20 minutes of oven re-heating. Keep watching the trend, and keep me informed if you see any more pies in the news.