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Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar

And happy posthumous birthday to Albert Einstein.


Pi Day!

19 Mar

So, I am back from Sudan and working for a caterer in Atlanta. We’ll see if they require my pie skills in the future… they already made tons of delicious empanadas last week! In the meantime, here’s a quick update of the pies made for Pi Day posted on Neatorama.


However, some of those are repeats from last year, as is thisĀ Pi-rate ship pie, which really takes the cake!

Baked and photographed by Susan S of Diamonds for Dessert. Adorable!

It’s an apple pie, in case you were interested, but I think a more apt filling would be salted beef and potatoes in ale…

I wish I had actually remembered it was pi day before the evening, when I was reminded by Young Katie. Otherwise I could have posted this link from Illinois Science featuring Chicago restaurants with pie specials.

With the family on diet, it’s unlikely I’ll be baking pies in the near future. However, I saw an ad for KFC’s new chicken pot pies, and boy, if that isn’t a heart attack in a tin… must try nomnomnom. I rarely eat fast food, but if I can sneak away from dietland I will post a report.