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Game of Thrones Pie (no spoilers)

15 Apr

Ah! A show set in fictional Medieval-to-Renaissance Europe, and finally we have a pie worthy of Titus Andronicus! This week’s episode (S4ep2, “The Lion and the Rose”) features Joffrey’s wedding feast, the centerpiece of which is a gigantic pie with pastry decorations and a pastry crown.

Credit: winteriscoming.net

Inside the pie are LIVE DOVES. Additionally, inside this giant pastry shell is another normal size pie, which you can see shortly after the scene pictured.

I guess pie night has a new aspirational pie.

(Additionally, if you google image “game of thrones pie”, you get pictures of the character known as Hot Pie. This will change, friends, once the Pie of Thrones┬ámakes its way across the pieosphere.)