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Rhubarbarbarb, Barbarann

27 Feb

I completely forgot to write about the other pie I made last Monday! But that’s ok, because there was no pie night tonight as I was out all day and have work to do.

The People’s Supermarket has had a glut of rhubarbs recently, so this is the second time I’ve cooked with them. I don’t actually like rhubarbs – they always taste much too bitter to be a dessert food – but these are apparently really special ones, picked in Yorkshire by candlelight. I have no idea why the rhubarbs are so sensitive that they must be picked at night, but perhaps they are some sort of “unicorn” food (a term used among my friends to describe things that are very special and rare and generally too complex in their simplicity to exist). The rhubarbs had already been stewed and were waiting for me in a bucket, cooling next to a pre-mixed crumble (flour and butter). So easy! There were some big apples, so we decided to throw those in as well. I peeled, cored, and chopped them and put them on the stove to cook with a splash of water (one recipe called for one tablespoon per four apples) and 50g sugar. We were out of regular sugar so I used powdered sugar instead, and it seemed to work just as well.

I combined the rhubarb and apple and layered the mixture with the crumble, then put it in the oven at 200 C for 45 minutes. I didn’t get a picture of this one either as people wanted it eat it as soon as it was out of the oven!

Tonight I made a pretty good dinner – chicken laksa, or Malaysian coconut soup. I put sweet potatoes and thin-sliced zucchini in the oven to roast until they were about 3/4 cooked, and steamed a head of broccoli. In the wok, I heated a can of low-fat coconut milk with sweet curry powder and sunny Singapore seasoning, both from The Spice House in Chicago. I put a diced chicken breast in the coconut-curry mixture to cook for about 10 minutes covered, then added the vegetables and some rice noodles, letting everything simmer until the vegetables were fully cooked. It’s really easy and, I believe, quite healthy. It feels very light to eat, unlike a curry made with thick yogurt and curry sauce. (Did you know? The diet on many South Pacific islands before westernization was coconuts, fish, and breadfruit. Coconuts supply 54% of the daily caloric intake! That’s a lot of coconuts!)

In other news, I will now be an official columnist for Londontopia, probably doing one post a week. Yay, I’m a paid blogger!