Healthy Tips

Whenever I say butter, I actually mean fake butter substitute. In the US I used Benecol, and in the UK I use Flora Light. (Benecol exists here, but I can’t seem to find it.) These are both low-fat vegetable spreads with plant sterols, which lower cholesterol. I use it both in cooking and in baking and have not noticed a difference in flavor or texture.

I often use whole wheat flour in recipes that call for flour as a thickener, and sometimes substitute it for 1/2 the flour in a baking recipe. When I cook for people with celiac, I use gluten-free flour, a blend of rice flour and potato starch. In this case, I also make my own crust with g-f flour, butter, and ice water.

I use Lecigran-brand soy lecithin granules, which help with the breakdown of fat in the liver, in pies and curries and other big mixed gloopy dishes. They don’t taste like anything, but supposedly lower cholesterol. Worth a shot.

Also remember that pies are full of vegetables. I mean, you can’t beat that for healthy, amiright? Right?


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