Ok, I realize that title isn’t so good. It was supposed to be like inspiration, but sounds more akin to perspiration. Or, from the original Greek, how pies breathe.* If you have a better idea, leave it in the comments.

Here are some sources that provide inspiration for the pies.

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit – in addition to being beautiful, this book contains all of my favorite flavor combinations: mint and chocolate, apple and cinnamon, and goat cheese and butternut (which probably ties with goat cheese and roasted red pepper). And yes, it really does have purple-edged pages.

Easy Pies, a Marks & Spencer publication – It advocates making one’s own pastry, which I probably will never do, and also has a chapter on fish pies, which I skip lest I vomit, but is generally a good guide.

Jus Rol website – shows a variety of uses for their pastries, which you can organize by prep time, course type, and diet (among others). I never knew you could do so many things with puff pastry.


*It’s a Greek word borrowed into Latin but comes to English from Old French. Just in case you were wondering. I know these things.


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