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Eugenia Cheng Makes Math a Piece of Cake

4 May

New story in the NYT:

Eugenia Cheng Makes
Math a Piece of Cake

It can also be a piece of pie, or custard — so
says a professor and author who spreads the
magic of numbers through dessert recipes.


Pies at Green Man

21 Aug

Last weekend I worked a bones stall at the Green Man Festival in Wales. There were two pie stands! I ate at Pieminster, but unfortunately didn’t get to try the other one, Barnaby Sykes. However, their stand was amazingly designed.

Barnaby Sykes, Pie Maker. Image by Els MP.

Barnaby Sykes, Pie Maker. Image by Els MP.



Summer Pies

5 Jul

From Buzzfeed’s 27 Local News Stories That Prove Britain Can’t Handle Summer. Well-played, Wigan.

Hot Pie returns

19 May

In this week’s Game of Pies (4:8), Hot Pie returns with a rather random interlude about his pie technique.

“A good kidney pie is all about the ingredients – flour, lard, water, eggs, milk. Easy enough. But the meat – peacetime or not, getting your hands on a good bottom round steak and calves’ kidneys is not easy. I mean, some people settle for plain old beef kidneys… and the gravy. Don’t get me started on the gravy! Very difficult to get right. See, a lot of people give up on the gravy. You CAN NOT give up on the gravy! No gravy, no pie. Simple as that.

You said it, hot pie.


9 May

I am pleased to note that pies have officially Made It, as there is a proper pie scav item,

163.  Pie-athlon! Make a pie on a treadmill. Pie-athlon! Eat a pie while lifting weights. Pie-athlon! Is that Frisbee® a pie? Pie-athlon! Combine your favorite athletic competition. . . with pie. [3.14 points]

See the rest of the list at

Game of Thrones Pie (no spoilers)

15 Apr

Ah! A show set in fictional Medieval-to-Renaissance Europe, and finally we have a pie worthy of Titus Andronicus! This week’s episode (S4ep2, “The Lion and the Rose”) features Joffrey’s wedding feast, the centerpiece of which is a gigantic pie with pastry decorations and a pastry crown.


Inside the pie are LIVE DOVES. Additionally, inside this giant pastry shell is another normal size pie, which you can see shortly after the scene pictured.

I guess pie night has a new aspirational pie.

(Additionally, if you google image “game of thrones pie”, you get pictures of the character known as Hot Pie. This will change, friends, once the Pie of Thrones makes its way across the pieosphere.)



3 Feb

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 1.18.51 AM

Jamaicanish Pie with Mango Kitchen

13 Jan

This afternoon I made another pie on tour! Well, not so much a tour. Just one. But it was delicious. A good pie for a sunny winter afternoon.1535601_275041242646356_1550947822_n

I went to the home of Ginny, founder of the new blog Mango Kitchen, which features inventive and modern kosher recipes. I went in with two options: either make another Lee’s Pie (the perennial favorite) or do a kitchen sweep pie. What’s a kitchen sweep pie? It’s where I sweep the kitchen for all available ingredients and build a pie out of it.  I was directed towards the sweet potatoes, the red pepper, and the immense selection of spices from the Dekalb Farmers Market. I had an idea. Everything changed a little as I was introduced to more ingredients, but here’s the final list:

The veg
Half a sweet potato, parboiled
Red pepper, chunked
Red onion, chunked
1 clove of garlic smashed and diced and 1 clove sliced thin
Half a can of mashed pumpkin

The spice
The two key spices here are oregano and Jamaican pepper (aka allspice). Use these liberally.
A splash of cayenne and paprika.
A quarter can of coconut milk
Of course, s+p.

Ginny set a beautiful table

Ginny set a beautiful table

The method
Sautee the onion. When it’s well on its way, add in the smashed garlic. When both are done, mix in the pumpkin and season. Are there good smells? Add the sweet potato and red pepper and continue to season. At this point it should be very spicy! Do you know how to reduce that? Yup, it’s just a wee bit of coconut milk.

Cover with pie crust and bake until golden.

We even made decorative dough balls

We even made decorative dough balls

Knit Pie

3 Dec

Thanks to Anna McG for sending this my way. I will never make it, though – the effort:deliciousness ratio is too high.

Image credit KnitsForLife

Image credit KnitsForLife

Check out the pattern and more pics on Ravelry.
Image credit KnitsForLife

Great British Bake-Off

10 Sep

Tonight’s Great British Bake-Off features pies! Currently the bakers have to make phyllo dough from scratch…
If you’re in the UK, you can watch it here:

Happy Pi Day!

14 Mar

And happy posthumous birthday to Albert Einstein.

No way!!

25 Feb

And it’s not even Thanksgiving! I’ll definitely be making 1-3. NYT Pies

Joke of the Day

17 Jul

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? A: Pumpkin Pi
(from Ellen Degeneres’ twitter)

Vodka Crust

30 Apr

Kathleen K recently posted this hint, which is to use cold vodka instead of water in the pie crust to make it flakier. Perhaps you could use it in this Serious Eats rhubarb pie? According to Kathleen, Alton Brown recommends using apple brandy for an apple pie crust, but I doubt there’s a suitable rhubarb liqueur replacement… suggestions welcome!

A photo

2 Aug

Sent by Clive Bank, so I presume these were made by Sandra Bank of Added Touch Catering. Cute!

So, this tiropita thing:

19 Jul

I have written before about Greeks and their pies. I am now in the land of the ancients and have been eating cheeeeese like crazy. HListen: when I was at the Athens airport (which is now actually connected to the city by the metro) there was literally not a single food sold that did not have cheese in it. The best? Feta tiropita.
A tiropita is fillo dough stuffed with some mixture of Greek cheeses. It is sort of like a pasty, but more delicious (if that’s even possible). They make them with other stuffings sometimes, like spinach (technically a spanakopita), but cheese is the best. Sometimes we have them for lunch.
However, I have yet to have a gyros on this island because the gyros place only opens in the evening and it’s 2.5km uphill. Considering I walk 5km every day anyway, I am reluctant to go another 5km for a gyros, particularly as this island does not actually know when anything opens or if it’s open every day or what. Stores are only open from 10-12 (on certain days) and 6-midnight (theoretically), but lord help you if you show up for dinner at 6, since the usual eating time is 9:30 or later.
We are also getting tons and tons of feta in our Greek salads. I saw the bucket the feta comes in: it’s the kind one uses to transport live fish. Every meal is served with Greek salad. Breakfast is the only meal missing cheese, but there are like 30 cups of Greek yogurt on the table each morning. Oh, and the tzatziki I make every week and share with my three roommates.

Tzatziki, island style
The stuff: 1 pint Greek yogurt, 1 cucumber, 1 head of garlic
The method: Remove about three big scoops of yogurt – you’ll need the space. (We don’t have tupperware.) Peel the cucumber, scoop out the seeds, and chop it really, really small. (We don’t have a grater.) Crush the garlic with the spoon and then cut it up really small. Mix these into the yogurt. Let sit overnight so the garlic soaks in. Breathe deeply, but not deep enough to smell your neighbor’s breath, as they’ll definitely have their face in the garlic as well. I’m pretty sure all four of us go to sleep with the worst garlic breath EVER.


30 Apr

Just found out that Pie Night shows up in google searches! Super exciting. I promise, more about pies is coming as soon as I finish this essay on nasal variations and sinusitis…

More from Pi Day

16 Mar

For Pi Day, my friend Richard Ruiz entered a pie-baking contest. Someone took this great picture of him and a pie:

Photo credit Daan Meens on facebook.


Pie in a Bowl: Idea?

11 Feb

Today at the V&A cafe, I noticed they were serving a chicken pie in a bowl. I immediately noted this as a possible idea, as that would decrease cleanup by not using a pan! However, it is impractical for large numbers of guests as I only have four ceramic bowls (and how oven-safe is oven-safe anyway?)
Another idea would be to cook the pie in a bread bowl, like the soup-in-bread at Panera (and apparently at some exceedingly delicious place in Seattle, according to Anna P). I’d have to figure it out. Project!

Every Night is Pie Night.

21 Jan

So, if you know me, you know that I have Pie Night at my flat every Sunday. Pie Night consists of my making a pie or two and inviting over literally everyone I know. It is buckets of fun.

There is a glut of food blogs out on the netzors, and I did consider this when I thought up starting a new blog (and I still have not updated OW since I’ve been here, although here does feel more like home and less like travel). However, I came up with the idea for this blog (name and all) less than an hour ago, so HA to my considerations, I say.

Generally, my theme will be writing about my pies, posting pictures of my pies, and sometimes adding other foodstuffs I cook as well. Unlike OW, I’m not going to place restrictions on when/where I can write, so perhaps you’ll get way more other goodies and less pie than expected. Oh well. Such is life. But ’tis a sad life that has no pies in’t, and I shall try my best. You’re guaranteed one a week at least.

Next post I’ll backtrack and put up Sunday’s pie.