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Happy Pi Day!

15 Mar

Ok, it was yesterday, and I’ve been too busy for baking as my upgrade (big PhD paper thing) is coming up. BUT Serious Eats never fails to deliver; this year they have their easy pie dough recipe. Hopefully I’ll get to test it out soon!


Pumpkin Season

19 Oct

It’s fall, and that means pumpkin season! Trader Joe’s falls in love with pumpkins, and Serious Eater Erin tried to eat all of them. The excellent blog The Awl chronicled all the pumpkin items featured in the advertisement.

The SE article was accompanied by this adorable chart (by Roboppy!):

Courtesy Serious Eats/Robyn Lee.

Another article by Kathy YL Chan reviews a delicious-looking pumpkin custard at Cha-an in New York, which sadly I will never get to eat as I have no plans to be in NY this fall.

And, lest you think I devote my life to just reposting SE:

I am now ordering weekly veg boxes from Riverford Organic; last week I ordered a squash box as well, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Apparently if kept well, they last all winter.

I also had a birthday pie night this week, with a  Lee’s Pie and a Lentil Shepherd’s Pie. I tried to make a gluten-free crust for the Lee’s Pie, but I don’t think I added enough water; it turned into a crumble. No worries! Still tasty!


3 Oct

Serious Eats is having their own Pie Night!!! Jealous I can’t be there. The first pie night this year will be Sunday the 14th (birthday pie night). It’s Pie Night’s second anniversary!

Serious Eats

(Although theirs supports a charity and has an adorable illustration by Roboppy. Roboppy, will you illustrate my pie night???)

Pie Chart

5 Apr

Here’s a cute poster of pies represented as pie charts. Sadly, I couldn’t insert a picture, so click through the link.


22 Mar

Will Gordon of Serious Eats beat me to it! Here’s his review of the chicken pot pie. The conclusion: excellence in a tin.

You can also watch the 70s-themed ad (I guess chicken pot pies are vintage-y?)

Pi Day!

19 Mar

So, I am back from Sudan and working for a caterer in Atlanta. We’ll see if they require my pie skills in the future… they already made tons of delicious empanadas last week! In the meantime, here’s a quick update of the pies made for Pi Day posted on Neatorama.


However, some of those are repeats from last year, as is this Pi-rate ship pie, which really takes the cake!

Baked and photographed by Susan S of Diamonds for Dessert. Adorable!

It’s an apple pie, in case you were interested, but I think a more apt filling would be salted beef and potatoes in ale…

I wish I had actually remembered it was pi day before the evening, when I was reminded by Young Katie. Otherwise I could have posted this link from Illinois Science featuring Chicago restaurants with pie specials.

With the family on diet, it’s unlikely I’ll be baking pies in the near future. However, I saw an ad for KFC’s new chicken pot pies, and boy, if that isn’t a heart attack in a tin… must try nomnomnom. I rarely eat fast food, but if I can sneak away from dietland I will post a report.

Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin

25 Nov

This is the most ridiculously adorable thing ever.

eeeeeee! Original here, by Brooklynsupper.

It’s a pumpkin pie baked into its own miniature pumpkin. I wish I had more time before Sudan, otherwise I’d totally make this. And imagine other ones… you could bake things inside gourds! You could mix and match squashes! However, it might be a bit difficult to eat, as I fear the crust would separate from the skin upon slicing.


24 Nov

Cherpumple in all its glory. Photo credit Charles Phoenix.

I didn’t know such a mixture of awesome and disgusting existed (and I study diseases for fun). The Cherpumple is a giant cake with three layers, each of which is a pie (cherry, pumpkin, and apple). Comedian Charles Phoenix invented it and posted the recipe on his website, inspiring numerous lesser imitations, or “fanpumples”, I guess.

Fanpumple. Photo by anonymous submission.

He declares it to be the turducken of desserts.

It doesn’t appear to be that difficult, as the recipe calls for frozen pies and box cakes; the key difficulty seems to be keeping it solid enough to survive slicing and serving. If anyone is really good at cakes and sweet pies, this might be your thing.

“If everything we ate was a pie… wouldn’t we all be happier?”

22 Nov

The editor of Serious Eats has made an all-pie Thanksgiving, including a turkey-and-stuffing pie, mashed potato pie, turkey pot pie, and green bean casserole pie.

All-Pie Thanksgiving (video)

All-Pie Thanksgiving (article)


I am actually not making a pie for Thanksgiving, but will be making an Ottolenghi roast vegetable platter and sweet potato souffles.


6 Nov

A cute picture from Reddit (source unknown).

Small things

26 Oct

This article in the NYT explains why small foods – mini pies, people! – are so very satisfying.

Mark Bittman hates pies

10 Sep

After reading the NYT Magazine today and doing some follow-up research, I have discovered that Mark Bittman, noted food blogger, hates pies. This article, titled “Bye, Bye American Pie”, has the tagline “You could just bake fruit in a crust. Or you could let the season’s bounty really shine.” This is a intensification of his minimalist pie, the recipe for which was given in 2009’s “Another Way to Elude the Pie Crust” . That recipe, which I used at TPS at one point, was actually delicious. I don’t agree that a pie without a bottom is a minimalist pie, but just a much easier way to make one. I mean, your pie is going to spill all over the place when you serve it whether it has a bottom or not, so why bother? Unless it’s a mini pie, it’s a big messy affair.

Moving back in time to 2008, Bittman’s How to Cook Everything featured this recipe for flaky pie crust, which he states is “flavorful-delicious in its own right, no matter what the filling”; he follows it with recipes for blueberry pie and pecan pie. Now he has moved away from crusts towards interiors. Read in fearmongering journalist voice: Does this signal the end of the pie’s spot in the sun?

I’m not convinced. Although my excavation and thesis-writing have kept me away from pie blogging, they seem to be as popular as ever, at least in London. Pieminster, the market pie chain, now produces pies in boxes for sale at Waitrose. All the flavors one can enjoy at their restaurant locations and market stalls can be enjoyed in the home after only 20 minutes of oven re-heating. Keep watching the trend, and keep me informed if you see any more pies in the news.


8 Jul

I am in Greece! As promised, I am now putting up Richard Ruiz’s months-ago picture of the pie he made. This appears to be some kind of roll with rhubarb filling…

Credit: Ruiz.

ALSO I will soon write about tiropitas and all that delicious Greekness!


20 Jun

Gah, no posts! I was lazy, then busy, then I got shingles and pretty much every activity left me exhausted. I’m working on some things now, but in the meantime I have TWO Londontopias and one OW for you.

Londontopia: Disability in the City and The NHS

Orientalist Whore: First Travels

Also, the NYT Magazine had a review of a Connecticut pie shop, but it was only about sweet pies! The shame! Anyway, if you’re in Connecticut apparently you should head to Flour Garden Bakery this summer.

In the news…

15 Apr

To tide you over until I can cook again, I decided to look up some pie news. Earlier this week, Andre-Joseph Leonard, archbishop of Brussels, was hit in the face with a pie by a group of “pro-gay” (read: anti-discrimination) protesters. He is not pressing charges. The video of the incident is on youtube; apparently this has happened before (skip to 0:35)!

Second, I found this picture of tonight’s Yankees-Orioles game.

Image credit Kathy Willens (AP)

I don’t follow baseball, so I have no idea what’s going on. Seriously. This news story made no sense to me. They appear to have won, and this dude still got pied in this face.

Venison Pies… mmmmm

30 Mar

Max sent me a recipe for a delicious-looking venison pie. The blog, Honest Food, is written by Hank Shaw, a self-styled “Hunter Angler Gardener Cook” who seems to experiment with wild meats, locally-farmed veggies, and foods that people don’t usually think to use. I’d never seen it before, but will definitely hit it up for ideas in the future. (It was even nominated fir a Best Food Blog award!)

Here’s the pie: 

Image credit Holly A. Heyser.

It even has little antlers! How cute! Shaw based the recipe on a Sicilian Easter lamb pie using garlic and Mediterranean herbs. In the post, he also describes his experience eating pies as a child, and dishes knishes in favor of Jamaican curry pies, and that pies are awesome because “the juxtaposition of bread and stew and meat… gets me”. I might have to wait make this pie in the fall when it’s hunting season again.

Read more here.

Also, I’m sorry there haven’t been any posts about things I’ve actually cooked – I’ve had exams and then was ill. Hopefully I’ll get to write from San Francisco when I get to cook with the oft-mentioned Lee and Ramya.

Venn Pie-agram

30 Mar

My brother David just sent me a link to Today’s BIG Thing, and it’s a Venn Pie-agram:

Image credit Today’s Big Thing.

The description: The middle represents ‘sections of this pie that are extra delicious.’

It looks like it’s raspberry lattice on the left and blueberry crumble on the right. The big question is how they made the pie tin…

Full of Umami (though no pies)

27 Mar

I just read about a chain of restaurants in Southern Califoria called Umami Burger, which serves, well, burgers except that they actually tell you each ingredient is umami. It’s a cute idea, picking up on the fact that umami is a loan word from Japanese, and a lot more exotic than saying your ice cream parlor serves sweet foods or the like.

Each Umami burger uses umami ingredients. The best-selling Unami Burger, for example, includes a grilled shitake mushrooms, parmesan cheese, carmelized onions, and roasted tomatoes, all umami toppings aimed at enhancing the flavor of the beef ground in-house.

Anyway, I’m attracted by their exoticism. Always an orientalist.

Pie Pops

25 Mar

Thanks to my mom’s friend Karin for bringing my attention to style zine Luxirare’s pie pops. Yes, these are mini pies on sticks!

Image credit Luxirare

I highly recommend looking at the whole post – it’s a pictorial guide to the recipe, and the photos (one above) are beautiful. I would definitely make these with chicken curry puffs or the like. Think of it! MINIATURE PIES ON STICKS! Oh, the parties we could have!

Read more here.


Macaroni pies

20 Mar

Macaroni pies have been going around the web lately.

First, my brother sent me this link. Despite my disapproval of bacon in general, I approve of this as more Americans should be making savory pies. I admire their creativity as well. (David, how did you find this?)

Two students in the Bay Area – one of whom, Stephanie Shih, is a dessert maker – made this pie as a tribute to Paula Deen. The crust is flavored with tabasco and cheddar, and the filling is a mixture of macaroni and cheese and fried macaroni balls and topped with a lattice of bacon. I wonder how they did in the contest?

Unfortunately, I don’t think I could ever make this (even with a pastry lattice) as it might cause me what Max has just termed a “cardiac surprise”.

Image credit Stephanie Shih of Desserts for Breakfast.

Second, this macaroni pie was made by Just Jenn for Pi Day (I found it via Neatorama).

Image credit JustJenn Recipes.

I guess it would be most similar to a casserole or a mac-n-cheese bake. I’m not so keen on baked macaroni, but I guess this is a good way to make it more exciting. As Carolyn would say, though, going for the double starch.