Livin’ the Pie Life

I’m an American grad student in London. I have a tiny flat in Bloomsbury a small flat in Belsize Park with a great one-woman kitchen. When I moved here to finally become a Real British Person, I wanted to enhance my anglophilia by becoming a Great British Pie Cook (yes, cook, not chef, not baker). And I mean Real Pies, not those sweet American monstrosities: hearty pies, winter pies, pies filled with wild game and squashes running free. Something like that. My life needs to be constantly filled with Delicious.

Sometime in 2009 (I think) Max Falkowitz (of Serious Eats) and I, inspired by Sweeney Todd and the Julie Taymor version of Titus Andronicus, wanted to host a meat pie party. If memory serves me, we had a potluck with something like 7 pies. And I was in love. When I moved here, I started cooking pies on Sundays because that’s when I’d go to the farmers’ markets for fresh ingredients. After I actually made some friends, I started inviting them over to eat pies with me. It grew into a thing, and more and more people started coming. Now every Sunday night I have five or so friends over for an event I call Sunday Night is Pie Night.

However, it is a sad business to restrict pie-eating to one night a week. Thus, this.


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