Lee’s Pie Avec Lee!

6 Apr

SO I presume by now that everyone has noticed the conspicuous absence of a pie post as I am on my travels. I apologize to the 22 of you who dutifully checked the blog on Sunday and were surely disappointed. HOWEVER, you will now be rewarded with the greatest of pies: Lee’s Pie cooked with the eponymous Lee!

I am in Silicon Valley, home of the oft-mentioned Lee and Ramya (who does not yet have a pie named for her). Although San Francisco is full of amazing restaurants, we decided that it would be THE HEIGHT OF AWESOME to make this pie on Monday night. Late Sunday, we went to the Safeway (which is 24-hour) and bought all the ingredients. Unfortunately, chanterelle mushrooms were only sold by the pack, which came with about 15 dried mushrooms and cost $8.99. (PS, America: adding tax at the till is stupid.) Thus I decided to skip them and find some other way to add in the earthy nuttiness of the mushroom. We also bought Pillsbury shortcrust, which was enough to make a top and bottom crust and was beautiful. It’s much better when the pie crust is sold in a circle instead of a square dough.

I went to visit friends in Berkeley on Monday, and my late return necessitated some prep work being done by Lee, Ramya, and their friend Alejandra. Let me tell you: it is wonderful to arrive home and have the vegetables already chopped and parboiled, and the cauliflower steaming. Although as a correction to the original recipe, the cauliflower must be chopped before it’s steamed. I arrived to find everyone painting their toenails, which I was not allowed to do as I had to cook. I used the same process as before, but added these spices:

salt and pepper, nutmeg (ground from whole), allspice, rosemary, and thyme.

Ramya also had some ground flax seed, which we have been adding to our cereal. I thought this could be a good way to add nuttiness and also a little bit of extra fiber. I also added super extra parmesan and seemed to almost approximate the flavor of the last one.

Lee arranged the crust so that it looked really nice. The friends were doubtful at first that four people could eat an entire pie. As you can see, everyone enjoyed it. It was all gone, except for a tiny slice Alejandra took for lunch.

One Response to “Lee’s Pie Avec Lee!”

  1. Judi Pawliger April 7, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    Hope you’re having the best ever time(even though you are on this continent) Love hearing about the pies..and I love Pillsbury crusts!!

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