Venison Pies… mmmmm

30 Mar

Max sent me a recipe for a delicious-looking venison pie. The blog, Honest Food, is written by Hank Shaw, a self-styled “Hunter Angler Gardener Cook” who seems to experiment with wild meats, locally-farmed veggies, and foods that people don’t usually think to use. I’d never seen it before, but will definitely hit it up for ideas in the future. (It was even nominated fir a Best Food Blog award!)

Here’s the pie: 

Image credit Holly A. Heyser.

It even has little antlers! How cute! Shaw based the recipe on a Sicilian Easter lamb pie using garlic and Mediterranean herbs. In the post, he also describes his experience eating pies as a child, and dishes knishes in favor of Jamaican curry pies, and that pies are awesome because “the juxtaposition of bread and stew and meat… gets me”. I might have to wait make this pie in the fall when it’s hunting season again.

Read more here.

Also, I’m sorry there haven’t been any posts about things I’ve actually cooked – I’ve had exams and then was ill. Hopefully I’ll get to write from San Francisco when I get to cook with the oft-mentioned Lee and Ramya.


One Response to “Venison Pies… mmmmm”

  1. ozi March 30, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Couldn’t help noticing the absence of pies on your travels!

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