Every Night is Pie Night.

21 Jan

So, if you know me, you know that I have Pie Night at my flat every Sunday. Pie Night consists of my making a pie or two and inviting over literally everyone I know. It is buckets of fun.

There is a glut of food blogs out on the netzors, and I did consider this when I thought up starting a new blog (and I still have not updated OW since I’ve been here, although here does feel more like home and less like travel). However, I came up with the idea for this blog (name and all) less than an hour ago, so HA to my considerations, I say.

Generally, my theme will be writing about my pies, posting pictures of my pies, and sometimes adding other foodstuffs I cook as well. Unlike OW, I’m not going to place restrictions on when/where I can write, so perhaps you’ll get way more other goodies and less pie than expected. Oh well. Such is life. But ’tis a sad life that has no pies in’t, and I shall try my best. You’re guaranteed one a week at least.

Next post I’ll backtrack and put up Sunday’s pie.

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